Newborn photography only has a very small window of opportunity,
once that window closes it is lost forever.


How long is that window open?

As a rule of thumb, the window is around 14 days. Ideally I like to schedule a sessions between 4-10 days as I find this is when baby is most co-operative.

When should I book with you?

I recommend getting in contact around your 20 week scan, once you have an idea of your expected birth due date.

Why do I need to book so early?

Because baby will arrive when they are ready, I have to book out a range of dates over a few weeks to make sure I can accommodate you when baby arrives. This means I only have limited session’s per week and only have one shoot per day, enabling the sessions to be chilled, relaxed and not rushed. This means I can get booked up quickly.

I have already given birth, can you squeeze me in?

Please do call, there is always a chance I will have a session available, so yes please do get in contact.

How do I book with you?

Please call/text 07979 647595 or send a message via my contact page.

How much will a newborn session cost?

My newborn sessions cost £85 (within 20 miles of Sudbury). I am more than happy to travel further afield but travelling expenses will be in addition. Please get in touch and we can talk through options and costs. Please note that the session fee does not include any images. These can be purchased separately via one of my packages.

What is included in a newborn Session?

I offer an on location service which means I will come to your home with all equipment needed to perform the session including a variety of blankets and wraps for you to choose from. The session can last up to 4 hours and within that time we will create some timeless bespoke artwork that you and your family can treasure forever.

How much space do I need in your home?

As a minimum I will require a space approximately 8ft x 6ft but bigger is always welcome. I will also require a power socket and the heating will need to be on and set to 25 degrees even in the summer. This is to ensure baby remains comfortable as they will be in their birthday suit for much of the session.

How long will a session last?

A typical session will last between 2-4 hours. The session is completely relaxed and geared around baby taking in to consideration soothing, feeding and changing.

What if my baby makes a mess?

Everything can be cleaned including me and it comes as part of the job. Please do not worry, it is to be expected. Also all wraps/blankets are fully washed in a non-bio washing detergent after every session. All part of being a newborn photographer.

Will my newborn be safe in your hands?

Absolutely and that is an excellent question to ask. Not all newborn photographers are trained in newborn photography and are likely not aware of the dangers involved. Unlike a lot of other disciplines of photography, newborn is one of the most hands on and you need to trust the photographer has your newborn’s best interests at heart.

I have invested in only the best training available by some of the best newborn photographers in the business.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your newborn will come first above all else. Certain poses cannot, and should not be attempted in one hit. What I mean by that is you take several photos all of which will have your newborn supported and then later using Photoshop they are merged together to create the illusion of the newborn holding their own head up or sleeping in a swing supported from a tree etc.

Can I have parent and sibling photos too?

Absolutely. I will take these at the end of the session so as not to disrupt baby during the main posing session. For this reason I will ask that the siblings are not around during the main session as it may go on awhile and they will likely get bored. I will let you know when we are getting close to needing them so you can get them or arrange for them to come over. Parent photos will be taken last.

What should siblings and parents wear?

For siblings I recommend plain items with a colour that will not clash with your choice of wrap/blanket and to avoid anything with logo’s on. We can discuss further in our consultation. For parents I recommend either flesh or plain black tops. The photos will be taken against a black backdrop to emphasize baby and the connection between you.

Can other family members or friends watch?

During the session I would ask that just the mother and father be present as we do not want too many distractions for baby.

What happens after the shot?

Before I leave, we will book an appointment to meet again roughly 2 weeks later. This session will allow me to show you all the fully edited images taken at the newborn session.

From these you can choose the ones you like and we can go through which packages you would like to order and any A La Carte items you may wish to purchase. Typically you will have between 20-30 images to choose from.

How much can I expect to pay?

My packages start from £250 with A La Carte prices in addition. Typically clients love the photos they have been shown and spend around £500-600 but of course there is no pressure from me at all. You are welcome to spend as little or as much as you like. If you do not like them, no problem, you do not have to buy anything but I am confident you will LOVE your images and want to see these displayed proudly on the walls of your home.

Can I buy digitals?

My packages are geared around prints as I believe when investing in professional photography the images should be professionally printed and displayed for all to see, not hidden on a hard drive, shared briefly on social media or worse yet, printed badly. I do however supply a social media watermarked digital file with every print as I understand you will want to share your images with all your friends and family and if purchasing the middle or top end packages they include some full resolution files too. If you want to purchase the digitals separately on top of the print packages I have options for these in my A LA Carte menu.

What happens after we place an order?

Typically you will receive your products within a month but this may be longer during busy periods like Christmas.


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