Creating artwork of your best friend in their natural habitat


How do I book?

Please Call/Text 07979 647595 or send a message via my contact page.

What is involved in a pet photoshoot?

We will meet a few hours before sunset (offers the best light) at an agreed location for around 1-2 hours. In this time we will attempt to get a variety of shots from different positions, some posed, some action and some natural.

Why do I shoot a few hours before sunset?

This is classed as golden hour and when the light is at its softest and warmest. The light in golden hour makes everything look amazing and we may even be lucky to get a great sunset too.

How much will a session cost?

My pet sessions cost £85 (within a 20 miles of Sudbury). I am more than happy to travel further afield but travelling expenses will be in addition. Please get in touch and we can talk through the options and costs. To secure a date in my diary the session fee is payable upfront and non-refundable. Please note this does not include any images, these are available separately via one of my packages which start at £250.

How many pets can I bring?

You are welcome to bring the whole family at no extra charge. For members outside of the family you are welcome to bring them too but I will charge extra depending on the number. Please call and we can discuss.

My pet isn’t very well behaved or scared, can we still have a session with you?

100%, we will work with the pets whether that is using a longer lens because they are not great around people or using a few tricks to keep them in position. I only need a split second to get a picture so even the worst behaved or highly energetic can still look amazing.

What happens if the weather is less than favourable?

We do live in the UK and that does come with some unpredictable weather. I can shoot in a great range of weathers and get some amazing shots but sometimes the weather may not be ideal. If this is the case I will suggest we re-book for another occasion. It is possible we may need to re-book a few times but the end result will be worth it.

Will my dog be off leash?

Most of the time we will photograph your dogs on leash as this keeps them safe but also controllable. Only when an owner is 100% certain the dog has a solid stay and recall will we consider removing the leash. All leashes will be removed later in Photoshop for the final images.

What happens after the shot?

Before I leave, we will book an appointment to meet again roughly 2 weeks later. This session will allow me to show you all the fully edited images taken at the pet session. From these you can choose the ones you like and we can go through which packages you would like to order and any A La Carte items you may wish to purchase. Typically you will have between 20-30 images to choose from.

How much can I expect to pay?

My packages start from £250 with A La Carte prices on top. Typically clients love the photos they have been shown and spend around £500-600 but of course there is no pressure from me at all. You are welcome to spend as little or as much as you like. If you do not like them, no problem, you do not have to buy anything but I am confident you will LOVE your images and want to see these displayed proudly on the walls of your home.

Can I buy digitals?

My packages are geared around prints as I believe when investing in professional photography the images should be professionally printed and displayed for all to see, not hidden on a hard drive, shared briefly on social media or worse yet, printed badly. I do however supply a social media watermarked digital file with every print as I understand you will want to share your images with all your friends and family and if purchasing the middle or top end packages they include some full resolution files too. If you want to purchase the digitals separately on top of the print packages I have options for these in my A LA Carte menu.

What happens after we place an order?

Typically you will receive your products within a month but this may be longer during busy periods like Christmas.




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